Pandoc Pelican Practice

This is written in a thingy called markdown It's good because in addition to letting you do links and being easy to read and type you can do lists and things. (it's then made into a blog by running pelican on the content and pushing it to my githubs...)

  1. Like this
  2. List of things
  3. blah blah

Or you can do points

  • point one
  • point two

And you can include pictures from the interweb

It's a dog
It's a dog

And stress things lots etc etc. I haven't really yet learnt all the markdown things one can do but what really makes it ace is there is then a thingy called pandoc that converts this thingy into all the other things.

Yup. And footers are a thing too1

For example if we save this as we can then run the command

'pandoc -o Cppp.doc'

to make a word doc. Just change the '.doc' for '.pdf' or '.html' etc and you can have that too. Examples attached. I think it's quite good anyway....Note that actually to get a .doc/.pdf/.html with citations the command is different (see below).

Not sold yet? It can also do smaller headings too (like this) and other things like referencing

A major feature in support for inline html and referencing using whatever you like1. Here I'm using my asbestos researches bibliography file 'IPFAEA.bib' specified above in the metadata and specifying that it be formatted for the nejm.

To make a pdf the command becomes:

'pandoc --filter pandoc-citeproc -o Cppp.pdf'

To make a doc the command becomes:

'pandoc --filter pandoc-citeproc -o Cppp.docx'

And it can make tables using a variety of input formats (that you'd automagically generate using a tool) e.g grid table

Fruit Price Advantages



  • built-in wrapper
  • bright color



  • cures scurvy
  • tasty

It's even useful for making slides. Just need to stick reveal.js folder in the same directory as the markdown then run e.g pandoc -t revealjs --self-contained -s -o Cppp.html

Then put it on the internet

Note that a thing which isn't quite right (yet) is that the metadata needs to be structured as above for pelican but for pandoc all the things need to be enclosed between ---


1. Albin M, Magnani C, Krstev S, Rapiti E, Shefer I. Asbestos and cancer: An overview of current trends in europe. Environ Health Perspect 1999;107 Suppl 2:289–98.

  1. totally a supported thing.

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