Mon 01 September 2008



ACC, Appearance, sex, ethnicity, BMI, wrist band?, JACCOLT FDM, Condition, alert, orientated, comfortable, SOB, Clues from environment, connections etc, Obs chart, temp,pulse,bp,O2, sats, normal?, stable?, trend is your friend.

Clubbing, cyanosis, anaemia (pallor of conjunctiva), jaundice (yellowing of sclera), LN’s (lymphadenopathy), thyroid (inspect/palpate/swallow/auscultate), peripheral oedema (also foetor and hair, hirsuite, alopecia, and skin, rash, spider naevi, scratch marks, spot diagnoses etc)

(or 3, 3’s: 3 colours – blue, yellow, pallor, 3 swellings – LN, AO, thyroid, 3rd world – fever, dehydration, malnourishment) (incidentally – the 3 glands we prefer not examine: breasts, prostate, testicles)

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