Mon 28 March 2016


Colophon for my digital life circa 2016

As of today I’ve decided to use pandoc markdown (with the assistance of this cheatsheet). I’m planning on getting emacs going with prose-lint integration soon.

Anyway the pandoc markdown that I make can then be turned into:

  1. pelican blog and rendered reasonably nice looking through the use of a special pelican blog theme. My pelicon configuration file lives here.

  2. LaTeX if necessary for academical writing. I use bibtex with jabref currently for managing my bibliography. I use pubmed and google scholar for finding the things. Sci-hub appears good for access problems. Though there’s actually even a markdown thesis template converting to LaTeX is v nice to have as a backup.

  3. Word for collaborating on academical writing with people that wont use anything else.

For me it generally all happens on a thinkpad running ubuntu. And depends a bit on some python, pip, virtual env and github basics which I supplement with virtualenv wrapper.

For analytical work I’m lately making use of python in Jupyter Notebook with github and nbviewer and also github gists with Bl.ocks for sharing. With respect to python libraries I Ahave mostly been using pandas, matplotlib, statsmodels and folium.

My editor of choice currently is vim with The Ultimate vimrc.

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